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It's nearly Father's Day - time to get creative!

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, our thoughts go to all things DAD. You know he won’t thank you for more socks, and chocs are just too predictable. This is your DAD - you need to think creatively!

Well, this is where eatsleepdoodle step in like your proverbial knight in shining armour.

eatsleepdoodle textile products make really original, totally personal – and personalised - father’s day gifts.

If your dad loves to mess about in the kitchen, what about a doodle apron or tablecloth? You can personalise it before you wrap it up, with special messages or cool designs. Pens are included, so you’re all ready for action.

More of a techie creative dad – what about the doodle case for iPad or iPad mini? It’s ready for him to customise with his singular style, and then he can just chuck it in the washing machine to re-design or personalise afresh.

OK that's the hard bit done - all you need to do now is doodle a special dad message before you wrap up your gift. Job doodle done!