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the doodle duvet - queen

  • Romantic? Of course you are. So spread the love with some special doodled messages and designs on the duvet. You know we’re not going to make any cheap doodle-entendres about getting creative in the bedroom, so just get doodling and show what a catch you are.

    Also great for making folks feel a bit special with a personalised guest duvet, or for presents that are as unique as you are. That’s why the doodle duvet cover has won awards.

    Made from 100% Turkish cotton, it’s button fastened, printed to look like a giant sheet of file graph paper, and comes with a set of 10 double-ended doodle wash-out pens. Pillowcase available separately.

  • Also available as twin duvet - for US delivery only
  • See how eatsleepdoodle products work in our mini video here.
    • Valentines or anniversary presents that last like true love
    • a wedding or new home gift that avoids the ‘three-toasters’ pitfall
    • birthday presents for those clever, creative, hard-to-buy-for people
    • adding character to your airbnb
    • designing your own space at home
    • showing what you’re all about when you go to uni
    • night-time flashes of inspiration
    • passing the time when a bit off-colour
  • Product size: 218x218cm/86x86in
    Fabric: 100% cotton
    Pack weight: 1300gm
    Care: wash warm/40°, dry naturally

Collections: sleeping

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